Cricket Australia Releases updated Community Cricket Facility Guidelines (November 2023)

  • February 05, 2024

Cricket Australia’s Community Cricket Facility Guidelines have been refreshed and were released in November 2023.

About the Guidelines

The Guidelines aim to provide a consolidated technical resource to aid the planning, design and development of community cricket infrastructure. Information included within the Guidelines will assist the Australian cricket community and our network of partners and stakeholders to continue to deliver quality, inclusive and fit-for-purpose facilities.

This 2023 edition of the Guidelines builds on the content provided within the original 2015 edition, and provides updated, refreshed and new information relevant to cricket facility provision. This edition of the Guidelines also provides an enhanced focus on the importance of inclusion, maintaining infrastructure and the incorporation of environmentally sustainable design principles into all projects.

The Guidelines can be found on Cricket Australia’s Play Cricket website.


Key Amendments Include:
  • A new guidance note on Indoor Training Facilities
  • Updated lighting guidance note in line with Australian Standard (AS2560.2) Sports Lighting, Part 2: Specific Applications for cricket playing and training
  • Increased focus and key tips on Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD)
  • An overview and staged approach to project planning
  • A greater focus on accessibility for cricket infrastructure
  • Advice regarding future proofing cricket infrastructure against natural disasters
  • Expanded guidance on the maintenance of cricket infrastructure
  • Inclusion of the guidance note for Junior Pitch Markings for training and playing
  • Addition of guidance on sightscreen design and preferred placement
  • Additional information related to electronic scoreboard provision