Masterclass (NSW/ACT)


4 June 2024 | Mt Annan Botanic Gardens

More details to come!


9:15am: Arrival

9:30am: Management and maintenance, risk and tree failure, how to manage it and AS4970 by Mark Hartley / Rob Bodenstaff

10:15am: Climate change – correct tree species selection – working with nurseries to grow the species required by Tim Johnson from TREENET

11:00am: Morning Tea and practical demonstrations, tool hygiene by Mount Annan Botanic Garden Staff

11:30am: Planting trees – substrata, irrigation / soil water monitoring

12:15pm: Risk – pests and diseases, incorrect species choice, climate change, utilities damage by Prof. Brett Summerell

1:00pm: Lunch

1:30pm: Bio-security – insects, funguses, pathogens by Kylie Ireland and Dr Angus Carnegie

2:15pm: Tree Asset Management with a component on Tree Valuation by Simon Strauss of Active Green Services

3:00pm: Valuation Framework for Green Infrastructure and Greater Sydney Tree Canopy Cover

3:45pm: Afternoon Tea

4:00pm: ‘Seed Bank’ Tour by John Siemon, Director of Horticulture & Living Collections

5:00pm: Welcome Drinks for Region Conference