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VIC/TAS Biodiversity in Public Places Seminar

25 September 2019
9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Urban Camp Melbourne, Brens Drive, Parkville

Beyond the Green Wallpaper: biodiversity and healthy ecosystems in parks, gardens and other urban spaces.

Diverse, resilient, and healthy ecosystems improve the environment, the wellbeing of our communities, and provide the foundation for a liveable city. Healthy cities are liveable cities for more than just humans. Biodiversity in cities provides multiple benefits that increase resilience, beauty and performance under the increasing pressures posed by urban densification and a changing climate.

Green spaces and wetlands, and the biodiversity within them, play a vital role in maintaining people's health and wellbeing. A healthy biodiverse ecosystem provides meaningful places for people to live, work and play, as well as the basics of clean air, water and food, and underpins the delivery of critical services that sustain healthy environments for people, now and into the future.

PLA, BGANZ and the City of Melbourne have partnered to provide an opportunity for professionals involved in green space management to come together for an interactive day. Leading practitioners and researchers will present best-practice approaches and case studies.

This one day seminar is the first of a series of events that will provide urban greenspace professionals the opportunity to network, and develop their skills and knowledge in the important field of urban ecology. The seminars will look at how to improve ecosystem health and biodiversity, how to develop more ecologically connected landscapes and how to connect more people to nature in order to improve social resilience, health and wellbeing.

More information available soon.
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