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WA Social Value Modelling of Leisure Centres Workshop

12 February 2019
11:00 am - 1:00 pm
Training will be undertaken via SKYPE
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Most major aquatic and leisure facilities across the State are funded (and in many cases subsidised) by the government sector, largely local government. Local Governments, however are fiscally constrained, resulting in the need for aquatic & leisure facilities to demonstrate their broader economic, social and health value in order to retain and secure financial support. There is however a lack of resources and tools within the industry to assist facility managers articulate the value of their facilities to owners and funders in a consistent and robust manner.

PLAWA, LIWA Aquatic and ECU have partnered to develop a model to assist facility managers quantify and articulate the health, social and economic value of aquatic & leisure centres. We have engaged the services of KPMG to undertake the project which includes;

1. Development of the model and internal testing

2. Development of a high level user guide

3. Facilitation of testing

4. Facilitation of a training workshop for users

5. Development of a short insights report detailing the social, economic and health value supported by the aquatic and leisure facilities in WA (using outputs from the model)

6. Development of a framework and template through which individual facilities can be benchmarked in relation to the drivers of the social, economic and health outcomes.

The model has now been finalised.

Registration for training is now open.

If you are interested in participating in this project and using the model to determine your centres social benefits, you are invited to attend a training session on

11am to 1pm Tuesday 12th February 2019.

Training is available to all managers throughout Western Australia.


Training will be undertaken by SKYPE.

You will be required to complete the collection of data prior to the workshop.

Once you have registered you will be sent a work pack to complete.

Those facilities already completing the industry benchmarking should ensure they have the 2018-19 data available for training.

The outputs from the collected data will be collated into an industry based report that will be distributed to you. It will not detail any individual centre data or information.

Please contact Leith Fradd on 0451 993 526 or email plawa@parksleisure.com.au if you have any questions.

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