Campbelltown Open Space Directions and Strategies Report (Connecting Places, Spaces, People and Nature)

The City of Campbelltown Open Space Vision provides a strategic framework that will guide the future provision, development and management of open space across the City over the next 10 years and beyond. The Open Space Vision identifies what is important for the City regarding open space and provides a long term vision for the future. The Open Space Vision includes strategic and specific directions through defined ‘focus areas’, strategic objectives, strategies and actions. It is a comprehensive and integrated document that aims to reflect and influence other local and State strategic planning. This Open Space Vision replaces the City of Campbelltown 2003 Open Space Strategy Plan and will assist the City Council and the State Government to determine higher level priorities and allocate resources to projects as funding becomes available over the 10 year timeframe. For the purpose of the Open Space Vision, open space refers to all community land as defined in the South Australian Local Government Act. This includes sportsgrounds, recreation parks, the creeklines, natural and biodiversity areas, drainage areas, streetscapes and various other lands that support community use. Collectively the various types of open space play an important role in enhancing the lifestyle of the community, the ecology of the environment and the unique character of the City. Open space has many social, environmental and economic benefits that contribute to the health, well being and connection of people. There is much evidence based research undertaken by Universities, Local Government, the Heart Foundation, Beyond Blue and other organisations with the main benefits being:
^aEURc Increased physical activity reducing the risk of obesity, heart disease and depression
^aEURc Natural settings increasing people’s sense of well being and reducing depression
^aEURc Increased walking and bike riding (and reduced vehicle use) reducing greenhouse emissions
^aEURc Increased activation and use of open space reducing the risk of crime (CPTED)
In the City of Campbelltown, open space is particularly valuable for balancing urban development and connecting urban dwellers to nature due to the links to the creeklines and key natural and biodiversity areas. The City also provides quality sportsgrounds and recreation parks that provide opportunities for physical activity and social interaction, which ultimately can increase the physical and psychological health of people.



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