Recreation and Open Space Infrastructure and Asset Management Plan

The Recreation and Open Space Infrastructure and Asset Management Plan outlines the management of the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters’ Recreation and Open Space Assets. The Plan specifies the life-cycle requirements for effective management, inspection and replacement of this asset group and outlines the financial implications and standards which need to be adhered to. The Plan is intended to demonstrate how the Council will achieve this outcome by applying the principles of responsible Asset Management Planning to ensure the existing level of service is provided in an efficient and economically rational method as well as the future requirements of the assets are addressed. The City’s recreation and open space infrastructure and assets include elements such as playgrounds, tennis courts, park and street furniture, litter bins, irrigation systems, bike racks, fences, flag poles, barbeques and drinking fountains. Collectively they have a replacement value of $19 million.
The total lifecycle cost of the assets is approximately $3.89 million per year. This is the average annual expenditure required to ensure all assets are maintained in accordance with current standards and are renewed at the end of their expected useful life. Actual annual expenditure will differ from year to year as specific assets come up for renewal. However, forecast average annual renewal expenditure is approximately $0.6 million over the next ten (10) years. This will primarily be spent on renewing irrigation systems, playgrounds, tennis courts, street and park furniture and bus stop shelters.
The Plan identifies key elements of service for recreation and open spaces infrastructure and assets and then identifies and costs future operations, maintenance, renewal and upgrade works required to meet the required levels of service in terms of condition maintenance and, renewal. It is anticipated that the Plan will be continually refined based on changes to service level expectations by the community. These changes with be incorporated into future revisions



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City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters, SA: 2017