The South East Queensland Outdoor Recreation Demand Study (Part 1)

The SEQ Outdoor Recreation Demand Study was designed to investigate factors such as: the nature of activity, activity settings, current outdoor recreation demand, latent outdoor recreation demand, barriers to participation in outdoor recreation activities and the motivations of people who choose to undertake particular activities in particular settings.

In 1997, a total of 2221 residents from the Brisbane, Ipswich and Gold Coast Local Government Authorities participated in a telephone survey. The survey focused on 12 specific outdoor recreation activities (but allowed for consideration of any other outdoor recreation activities participants had undertaken); the setting in which those activities were undertaken (ie totally natural, very natural or somewhat natural landscapes); and the participant’s motivations for undertaking a specific activity within a chosen setting (ie leisurely, actively or competitively).

Three post-survey workshops were then undertaken by respondents to the initial telephone surveys. These workshops successfully clarified and explored key issues (ie landscape perceptions and motivations) raised during the telephone surveys, through the use of photo sets and group exercises.




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Queensland Department of Natural Resources: 1998