A New Look Executive Driving Parks & Leisure Australia

  • March 07, 2024
Parks and Leisure Australia is proud to unveil the new executive team that will guide us into the future. We are thrilled to announce the appointment of Kristin Davies as our new President, Tara Looby as our new Deputy President, and Stefan Ratnasingham as our new Director of Finance. With this exceptional team at the helm, we are confident in the exciting developments ahead for our organisation, our industry, and our members.

These appointments reflect our strategic focus and commitment to driving the organisation forward. The collective experience that Kristin, Tara, and Stefan bring will inject a new wave of energy, innovation, collaboration, and strategic vision into our organisation. Notably, this marks the first time in Parks & Leisure Australia’s history that both the President and Deputy President roles are held by females, underscoring our progress in our mission to achieve gender equity. As we continue to implement our national strategic plan and advance our initiatives, we are confident that this leadership team will contribute to the ongoing success of Parks & Leisure Australia.
Kristin Davies, President - Parks & Leisure Australia

Kristin Davies is a dynamic and dedicated change leader with over 15 years of industry experience. With a keen focus on partnerships, community outcomes, and advancing the industry, Kristin brings a wealth of expertise from diverse sectors including public and private domains. Her roles in leadership spans social policy, social infrastructure and open space planning, land management, and integrated placemaking, reflecting a versatile background.

Kristin possesses a deep understanding of the evolving landscape of interconnected industries, bolstered by her proficiency in strategic policy, planning, investment, leadership, governance, and organisational transformation.

As a pivotal figure in Parks & Leisure Australia, Kristin has served as Deputy President for more than two years and held a directorial position on the National Board since 2018. Her contributions have been instrumental in driving national strategy, sustainable growth, and representing the organisation at industry conferences and events on both national and international stages.

Tara Looby, Deputy President - Parks & Leisure Australia

Tara Looby is the Group Manager of IVM Group, where she brings her extensive expertise in open space management to the forefront. Recognising the pivotal role that open spaces play in fostering vibrant and healthy communities, Tara leverages her wealth of experience to drive initiatives that promote active living and community engagement.

With a robust background in marketing spanning numerous industries, Tara possesses a diverse skill set that encompasses both operational and strategic dimensions. Her proficiency extends beyond traditional marketing roles, as she demonstrates a keen ability to conduct thorough research and analysis, identifying market demands, market trends, and gaps in the landscape. All of this is key to understanding how membership based organisations can better understand what members want, and how to provide this whilst aligning with where the industry is moving.

With an ongoing commitment to adaptability and leadership, Tara now leads a team of environmental consultants focused on high-risk open space management. Her involvement in change management and strategic planning underscores her commitment to driving impactful outcomes and ensuring the sustainability of open spaces for future generations.

Stefan Ratnasingham, Finance Director - Parks & Leisure Australia

Stefan Ratnasingham brings 10 years of diverse experience to his role as Finance Director. Having spent a significant portion of his career in public practice accounting firms specialising in tax, audit, and superannuation, Stefan has supported a variety of clients across different industries.

Currently serving as the National Finance Manager at Clublinks, Stefan's passion for accounting intersects with his dedication to supporting the delivery of sport and recreation to the community.

Stefan's commitment to community extends beyond his professional endeavors, as he has previously volunteered for Scouts Australia, encouraging youth to challenge themselves. Stefan holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting & Finance from Swinburne University of Technology and a Graduate Diploma of Chartered Accounting (CA).

As a national organisation representing our members, we are excited about the wealth of knowledge, fresh perspectives and proactive approach that this new executive team will bring. We  believe that their vision will propel our industry to new heights and inspire our members to embrace innovation, collaboration, and best practice.

We urge all our members to join us in welcoming Kristin, Tara, and Stefan to their new roles, and to stand alongside them as they guide Parks and Leisure Australia towards a future defined by excellence, connection, and growth.

This is an incredibly exciting time for our organisation, and we are ready to embark on this journey together with our exceptional new leaders at the helm.