PLA Advisory Committee

PLA Advisory prepare position papers on critical issues, initiate research and explore professional training and development opportunities for our members.


  • Prepare position papers and technical guidelines which support PLA’s role as an advocate for the industry.
  • Initiate key research with partners utilising external funding opportunities.
  • Explore professional development opportunities with accredited providers.


  • Deliver position papers on key topics such as Climate Change, Health and Wellbeing, Community Health, Tree Management, Gender Equity and a multitude of other relevant topics.
  • Conduct research to assist National Board decision making.
  • Support the National Board in their selected strategy.
  • Support each region in developing or reviewing open space planning guidelines (where they don’t exist).
  • Explore professional development opportunities – from endorsement of formal training courses to the establishment of mentoring opportunities.


PLA Advisory meet monthly via video and once a year at the PLA National Conference. To get involved contact:

Advisory Chair – John Tower