Who We Are

Parks & Leisure Australia (PLA) is the leading industry association for professionals in the sector. Through a broad range of services we support members to provide opportunities that strengthen communities through good use of leisure time for the social, environmental, economic and physical well being of all Australians. We are ‘The People Behind the Places’.


For Australia to be the most liveable country in the world, renowned for its parks, sport and recreation facilities that provide the foundation for healthy communities and liveable towns and cities.


Is to build, serve and develop a strong and united parks and leisure industry in Australia.


Champion Leisure Benefits

Leisure is a basic human right. and that provision of spaces and places for participation in sport and recreation is critical to the social, physical, environmental and economic well being of Australians.

Promote Recreation Participation

We support members that provide and manage recreation facilities, programs and services for the community. We advocate and encourage first-class planning, design, and management of public spaces and places which promote and enhance the physical and mental health of Australians.

Build Excellence in Park Management & Environmental Stewardship

We promote a conservation ethic throughout the industry by exemplifying world’s best management practices of all parks facilities, open space and environment.

Develop Sport

We encourage participation in community sport through excellence in governance, planning, provision, and management of local open space and facilities as the foundation of Australian sport. We recognise that sport is more than the game and has a number of benefits to communities and individuals.

Drive Economic Prosperity

We promote the economic benefits of tourism, sport and recreation and the positive impacts to our communities and country.