About PaRC (Parks and Recreation Collection)

Welcome to the PaRC Library – your comprehensive resource hub! Since its successful launch in June 2021, the Document Library is now fully operational, offering an extensive collection of valuable documents. Easily explore the vast array of categories or find specific resources using our user-friendly search box. For more information on the PaRC Library, you can watch the webinar of the official launch (June 2021), which provides in-depth details about the available resources and how to make the most of this valuable platform.


PaRC (Parks and Recreation Collection) is database of parks, open space, and leisure resources. The objective is to provide easy public access to these resources, in order to inform and educate our industry. It is being built collaboratively by practitioners with an understanding of the needs of the profession.

The database can be searched by keyword or category.


  • Professionals engaged in the parks and leisure industry
  • Academics and students of parks and leisure and related disciplines
  • Librarians
  • Policy analysts within government and peak bodies


The collection includes government publications (e.g. policies, plans, and reports issued by Federal, State, and Local Governments); “grey” literature (e.g. unpublished internal papers and submissions to government); relevant non-government publications (e.g. university publications); and links to journal articles.

Some older material published in print format with historical relevance has been digitised for inclusion in the collection.

The geographic scope is primarily Australia. The collection can also include material from New Zealand and other countries in the western Pacific area, and significant international material with particular relevance to the region.


The Parks and Recreation Collection (PaRC), has been made possible with the support of an educational trust fund established by the Australian Institute of Parks and Recreation (AIPR) in February 1974. Parks and Leisure Australia, successor to AIPR, sincerely thanks the Trustees of the fund for their initiative in establishing the project:

  • Dr Anne Binkley
  • Mr Peter Nicholls
  • Mr Ray Steward
  • Mr Ken Trafford.

We also acknowledge the service of the late Trevor Arthur, Chairman of the Trustees until his passing in 2009, for curating the Trust over many years.


Items in PaRC are protected by copyright, with all rights reserved, unless otherwise indicated. The contents of the PaRC are made publicly available by our contributing partners for use by peers in the industry for research, teaching, and private study.

Although in some cases it can be difficult to determine the copyright status of a work, it is your responsibility to use it according to all applicable terms. Please contact the author and/or editor for additional information regarding copyright status of a particular digital image, text, data set, or sound or video recording.


By using the digital images, texts, data sets, audio and video recordings, and other materials in PaRC, you agree to follow these conditions of use:

  • Responsibility for any use of these materials rests exclusively with the user.
  • Some materials in these collections may be protected by Australian Copyright Law
  • When using items from the PaRC, please give proper credit to the author and the PaRC.


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