Joint International Congress 2023

  • November 10, 2023
PLA 2023 Joint International Congress: A Resounding Success

Adelaide, October 2023 – Parks and Leisure Australia (PLA) is delighted to announce the successful conclusion of the PLA 2023 Joint International Congress, hosted in partnership with World Urban Parks and supported by Green Adelaide. Delegates enjoyed a dynamic gathering that brought together global experts, industry leaders, and professionals in the parks and leisure sector.

Congress Outcomes:

The outcomes presented are derived from the Adelaide Statement, a comprehensive document encapsulating the key takeaways and resolutions from the PLA 2023 Joint International Congress. To explore the full Adelaide Statement and gain a deeper understanding of the insights shared, please visit Adelaide Statement.

1. Places and Built Facilities: Delegates explored strategies for creating vibrant, functional spaces that cater to the diverse needs of communities. Discussions focused on sustainable and universal design principles, accessibility, and the integration of technology.

2. Greener and Wilder: Delegates advocated for a “greener and wilder” approach to urban place development, emphasizing nature-based solutions to challenges. Successful examples from around the world highlighted the significance of supporting biodiversity and nurturing the health of ecosystems.

3. Sport and Active Recreation: Recognition of the crucial role of sport and active recreation in promoting physical activity and active lifestyles. The outcomes underscored the importance of fostering community engagement and providing diverse, equitable, and inclusive opportunities for citizens.

4. Culture and Perspective: Delegates reinforced the importance of First Peoples and their understanding of the foundational importance of land. Discussions explored how parks and leisure experiences can celebrate diversity, serve as spaces for creative expression, and contribute to the unique identity of each community.

5. Innovation: Delegates identified the potential for innovative solutions to revolutionize park and leisure experience delivery, drawing on cutting-edge technologies, management practices, and governance models.

6. Health and Well-being: Acknowledgment of the proven benefits of access to nature and leisure experiences on mental, physical, social, and spiritual health and well-being. Emphasis on integrating health considerations into park and leisure programs, planning, and design.

7. Leadership: Discussions on effective leadership and governance strategies that empower park and leisure managers, city officials, and community leaders to champion development. Strong and visionary leaders can better care for the needs of all who enjoy and benefit from leisure spaces and experiences.

To relive the highlights of the PLA 2023 Joint International Congress, please visit our Image Gallery for a visual journey through the enriching discussions and innovative ideas shared.

Awards of Excellence Evening (Sponsored by GreenLife Group):

The prestigious Awards of Excellence Evening, generously sponsored by GreenLife Group, celebrated outstanding achievements in the parks and leisure sector. This event recognized excellence in design, innovation, community engagement, and environmental sustainability.

For more details on the Awards of Excellence and to view images from the event, visit our Awards Gallery.

PLA expresses gratitude to all participants, sponsors, and contributors for making the PLA 2023 Joint International Congress a resounding success. The organisation looks forward to building on the momentum generated and continuing to advance the parks and leisure sector worldwide.