Membership FAQs

Can you provide more information on the membership tiers and their benefits?

Sure! We’ve created a member pack which clearly highlights our different membership tiers and their respective benefits. 

Have you been to our website? Check out your membership benefits at a glance here.

What is the difference between a Corporate and Individual membership?

Individual memberships are designed for a single person whereas a Corporate membership allows multiple people in your organisation to access member benefits at a group discounted rate. See Membership Conditions.

To check out all the member benefits at a glance click here.

What are the membership conditions?

The Membership period is 12 months commencing from the 1st of July each year. When taking out a membership between 1 March and 30 June, the membership fee will calculate a full financial year plus the pro-rata period up to 30 June. The amount will be calculated and shown at the bottom of your membership submission form.

There are two main types of membership,

  1. Individual: this includes student, retired and individual membership
  2. Corporate: this includes corporate (up to 4 staff), corporate small (up to 9 staff), corporate medium (up to 49 staff), and corporate large memberships (unlimited staff)

Note: When choosing a corporate membership, select the tier relevant to the number of staff interested in receiving PLA member benefits not the size of your organisation.

For those who do not want to join as a member, but would like to receive our quarterly Australasian Parks and Leisure Journal (1 x print copy spring volume, unlimited digital access to past and present summer, autumn, winter, and spring volumes) we also have an option for a journal subscription

Individual Memberships:

Individual Memberships relate to the individual taking out a membership. They are not transferable.

Corporate Memberships:

Corporate memberships are available for organisations/groups of 2 or more people. There are several options available suitable for every size of organisation. An organisation administrator is appointed to manage the membership and it is their responsibility to nominate the individuals listed under their membership, in addition to making all other arrangements for the membership. It is important you know who the organisation administrator for your membership is as it will be them that we primarily contact in relation to the membership. In the event that your organisation administrator leaves the organisation, we recommend that you contact us immediately to request a change.

A Corporate membership is non-transferable which means that the members are nominated by the organisation at the commencement of the membership and will remain for the membership period (12 months) until the next renewal.

In reasonable circumstances Corporate members may change their nominated members for example in the event of a person leaving the organisation, taking extended leave or changing departments.

Membership Administrators are able to change the individuals who belong to the membership once per 12 months during the renewal period (June and July), or under reasonable circumstances (i.e. such as a person leaving the organisation, extended leave of absence, maternity / paternity leave).

You can view our full terms and conditions here.


Our publication titled Australian Parks and Leisure Australia is distributed quarterly. 1 x hard copy and digital versions are included with both the Individual and Corporate Memberships. When you sign up you will go on our distribution list, and receive the next issue following your joining date. 

I am a member, what are the new renewal conditions?

Membership are now renewed on the 1st July each year.

New Members:

When you join you are charged a pro rata membership fee to 30th June. On the 1st of July you will automatically be sent a renewal notice accompanied by an invoice, payable within 30 days.

Membership Renewals:

If you joined under our old system, you will be sent an invoice at your normal anniversary date and your will be charged a pro rata fee until the 30th of June. You will then revert to the new renewal system and on the 1st of July you will automatically be sent a renewal notice accompanied by an invoice, payable within 30 days [for example if your membership expired in December 2018, you will be charged 6 months until the 30th of June 2019, and on 1st July 2019, a 12 month renewal notice accompanied by an invoice will be sent out to you].

When taking out a membership after 1 March, the membership fee will calculate a full financial year plus the pro-rata period up to 30 June.

When does my Membership become active?
New Members:

For new members signing up, your membership will be activated once you have paid your invoice. If you would like to receive benefits immediately at the time of joining, you will be required to pay by credit card upon registration of your membership.

Existing Members:

For existing members, your membership will continue to remain active at the time renewal. However, if your membership is not paid within the payment terms your membership may be deactivated until payment is received.

How can I pay for my membership?

Payment is still made online via credit card (VISA/Mastercard) or EFT. To join as a new member apply online click here or to renew an existing membership you may pay using the link sent in the renewal letter or contact

How often can the administrator of a Corporate membership change the individuals listed?

At the time of renewal, administrators will be given the opportunity to update the individuals listed. Other than at the time of renewal, the administrator may change their nominated members in reasonable circumstances such as a person leaving, someone taking extended leave or changing departments. An organisation may not change individuals within a Corporate membership outside the time of renewal without approval from PLA. See Membership Conditions

I am an administrator of a Corporate membership, how do I know who the individuals are listed on our membership?

If you are the administrator you may log in click on ‘Manage Membership’ to access your members area. If you are not the membership administrator you will not have access to view the individuals listed on the membership. If you experience difficulties please contact our Membership Services Manager on 08 8332 0130 (ext. +1) or at

I have received an invoice but do not wish to renew - what do I do now?

Please contact us as soon as possible 08 8332 0130 (ext. +1) or

I need help with my membership who do I contact?

Contact our Membership Services Manager Alex Giakoumis at the National Office on 08 8332 0130 (ext. +1) or