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The ‘Big Squeeze Workshop’ facilitated by PLA NSW/ACT was held in February 2024.  As promised at the workshop, the committee of PLA NSW/ACT has prepared the attached position paper based on the discussion and issues raised by attendees at the event.

On behalf of PLA NSW/ACT, I will distribute this paper to the relevant agencies and seek meetings to advance the matter and to ensure the issues raised by workshop attendees are put forward. As a collective we want to provide a stronger voice to the decision makers, representing the needs of our members.  We are happy to get any feedback on the discussion paper and you can do so by contacting the PLA NSW/ACT office by email at plansw@parksleisure.com.au.

PLA NSW/ACT will continue to advocate on behalf of its members to improve outcomes for the industry.  We are always happy to hear from you on any other matters that are important to you and your organisation and you feel would benefit from an industry response.

Simon James, PLA NSW/ACT Region President

You can see The Big Squeeze Discussion Paper HERE.

Earlier this year, PLA NSW/ACT made a submission in response to the “Have your say” and invitation from Greater Sydney Parklands to respond to the discussion paper on the Future of Moore Park South. PLA NSW/ACT as an organisation recognises the value and importance of public open space to a growing community. We congratulate Greater Sydney Parklands for acknowledging that the provision of open space infrastructure is an important consideration in an area of Sydney where there is a forecast for a significant increase in population into the future.

Simon James, PLA NSW/ACT Region President

You can see The Future of Moore Park South Paper HERE.

This Masterplan Report illustrates Lismore City Council’s aspiration to bring new life to Wade Park and ensure it serves the needs of the community. The Wade Park Masterplan is an pro-bono initiative instigated by Parks and Leisure Australia (PLA) and led by CONTEXT, Cred Consulting, Peak Water Consulting and Armsign, with project management services provided by City of Ryde Council. This project is supported by the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA), the University of New South Wales and PLA.

Wade Park is classified as a ‘District Park’ by Lismore City Council. Equipped with a footpath network, amenities, cricket oval, picnic facilities and play equipment, it is a popular park for young families and used for children’s birthday parties and family gatherings. It is also popular for walkers and riders using the concrete path loop path surrounding the park.

Due to its long life, many elements of the park are now worn out. In addition, the site is located on highly reactive pug material which is susceptible to sinking. Following the 2022 catastrophic flood event, the whole park was inundated. This has caused parts of Wade Park to be left in further disrepair.

The vision for the project is to create an all accessible and inclusive park for the Lismore community that contributes to community resilience, by providing high quality relaxation and recreation experiences, and minimising the impacts of future flooding events. Wade Park will offer a diversity of formal and informal sport, spaces for dogs as well as fitness and play opportunities suitable for all ages and abilities. New play equipment will offer a range of physical, social and cognitive experiences. A new accessible toilet/amenities building, and parking upgrades will ensure everyone can get there, stay and play at Wade Park!

The Draft Masterplan outlines a staging plan so that upgrades can be undertaken as funding opportunities arise and in accordance with priorities.

You can see The Wade Park Masterplan HERE.