Outdoor Fitness Equipment Guidelines Review

  • March 13, 2024
Parks and Leisure Australia (Vic/Tas) and Sport and Recreation Victoria are revising the 2018 Outdoor Fitness Equipment Guidelines and are seeking your expertise to inform the project. 

The Guidelines review will: 

  • incorporate the standards for installing outdoor fitness equipment (AS16630:2021) that were released in 2021 
  • incorporate sector research, including the Get Active Victoria Outdoor Fitness Equipment research project 
  • remove detail that is no longer relevant or outdated and ensure the Guidelines are succinct and easy to read and use 
  • apply key Victorian Government objectives highlighted in existing guides such as Design for Everyone Guide and the Urban Design Guidelines for Victoria,  
  • consider new, emerging or currently unreferenced trends in outdoor fitness equipment (e.g. ninja warrior style courses, seniors exercise parks) 
  • explore lessons learnt on the placement and positioning of equipment within public space 

The Guidelines for Planning, Installing and Activating Outdoor Fitness Equipment were originally developed and delivered in 2018 by PLA Vic/Tas in partnership with SRV to inform the decision-making processes to plan, design, install, maintain and activate outdoor fitness equipment in our communities. 

The guidelines now require updating due to industry advancements including the establishment of Australian Standard (AS16630:2021) in 2021, to ensure that they remain valuable, leading-edge resources for all professionals working within the sport and recreation industry and provide them with the necessary tools to assist their decision-making. 

The Victorian Government’s Active Victoria 2022-26 provides a strategic framework that sets out priorities for sport and active recreation in Victoria. Active Victoria focuses on initiatives that create active environments and more active people. The update of the Guidelines supports and progresses priority outcomes outlined in Active Victoria 2022-26. 


There is significant demand for places for fitness/gymnasium workouts across the state, with an estimated over 2.289 million Victorians participating (AusPlay, October 2023). Outdoor fitness equipment offers Victorians free and easy access that does not require a gymnasium membership.  

For the purposes of the guidelines, outdoor fitness equipment (OFE) is exercise equipment that is located outside – often in parks and public open spaces. It is usually owned by local councils and is free for community use. 

It can be grouped together (as an outdoor gym or fitness station) or spread out along a walking/cycling trail. Equipment types include static and dynamic equipment, seniors or rehabilitation equipment, and ninja warrior or obstacle courses. 


Parks and Leisure Australia (Vic/Tas) are leading the review of the Outdoor Fitness Equipment Guidelines, with funding support from Sport and Recreation Victoria (SRV). 

University of South Australia have been engaged to deliver a comprehensive literature review of available research on outdoor fitness equipment in Australia. 

Emerge Associates have been engaged as project consultants to help deliver the Guidelines review. 

How and When? – GET INVOLVED! 

The target audience for the Guidelines will be open space planners, land managers, equipment designers and suppliers, landscape architects and designers, and consultants that deliver functional, green, and accessible/safe places for people to enjoy outdoor fitness equipment in Victoria. 

We are currently reviewing the results from the Council Survey and Manufacturer/Supplier Survey. Thanks to all those who took the time to contribute their expertise. 

Project Working Group  

We are also establishing a working group of representatives from the industry to be a part of developing the guidelines – would you be interested?  
You can get in contact via victas@parksleisure.com.au / Katherine.Howard@emergeassociates.com.au