Parks & Leisure Australia and KOMPAN renew Long-term Partnership

  • May 24, 2024

May 2024 — Parks & Leisure Australia (PLA), the leading industry association for professionals in the parks and leisure sector, is thrilled to announce the renewal of its long-term sponsorship agreement with KOMPAN Australia, a global leader in outdoor play and fitness areas.

KOMPAN is a global leader in play and fitness, with over 50 years of experience creating happier and healthier Australian communities. KOMPAN design, manufacture, and install more than 1,000 play and fitness sites every month with products that exemplify top-of-the-line design, quality and play value

This renewed partnership between Parks & Leisure Australia and KOMPAN signifies a shared vision for the future of the Parks & Leisure Industry. By combining their expertise and resources, both organisations aim to advance the industry and make a positive impact on the places and people they serve.

For more information about Parks & Leisure Australia, please visit our About Us page.

For more information about KOMPAN, please visit https://www.kompan.com/en/au


About Parks & Leisure Australia

Parks & Leisure Australia (PLA) is the leading industry association for professionals in the parks and leisure sector. As the national peak body for the ‘people behind the places,’ PLA supports its members through the provision of training, professional development, research, advocacy, and a range of products and services. The organization aims to build, serve, and develop a strong and united parks and leisure industry in Australia.


With over 50 years of experience, KOMPAN’s extensive range of outdoor recreational equipment has shaped their reputation as worldwide leaders in play and fitness.

Through their commitment to durability, exceptional design, sustainability and industry-leading warranties, KOMPAN provides customers with high-quality solutions to activate communities and address today’s challenges like sedentary lifestyles, equitable access to play and physical health and climate change.

At the core of KOMPAN’s mission is the empowerment of individuals of all ages and abilities, enabling them to engage in play, exercise, personal growth, and learning. Their vision of creating happier and healthier communities is realised through products that amaze, captivate, and foster the development of users worldwide.

Media Contact:

Zoe Dunworth

Marketing Coordinator

Parks & Leisure Australia



Kacey Gambin

Marketing Manager

KOMPAN Australia