Bass Coast Shire Skate Strategy – 2018-2028

The Bass Coast Shire has three concrete skate parks, one mini ramp and a mobile skate trailer. These facilities have accommodated the needs of skateboard and BMX riders in the region over the past 20 years as this unique form of recreation has developed and grown in popularity throughout the Shire. However the need to provide new skate facilities throughout the Shire has been identified through background research in Council strategic documents and growing pressure from the community. The Bass Coast Shire understand skating is a valid recreational activity that provides many health, physical, recreational and social benefits to the community. They recognise the necessity for a comprehensive plan towards the growth of skate culture in the region and the importance of considering the community needs. The Bass Coast Skate Strategy 2018-2028, will set out how to support, develop and manage skating in the region, now and into the future. The Strategy essentially aims to outline: o How community needs can best be met. o What classification of facility should be provided. o Where the most appropriate locations are.



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CONVIC Pty Ltd for Bass Coast Shire Council: 2018