Bayside Coastal Management Plan 2014

The Bayside Coastal Management Plan provides strategic direction and policy on coastal use, management and development for the whole of the City of Bayside foreshore. It provides a framework for detailed local action plans as
well as funding priorities. The Bayside foreshore contains around 180 hectares of public open space. The foreshore has complex natural systems and heritage values. It is heavily used by local residents and the broader Melbourne community for many forms of recreation and increased demand is expected in the future. The CMP will guide
decision making in relation to the various overlapping values and competing demands. The business plan component of the CMP is provided to guide the subsequent development of detailed master plans and decision making on works for various parts of the foreshore area. The business plan also identifies potential funding opportunities. The objectives of the Bayside CMP are to:o Provide long term strategic vision and direction for the future use, management and development of public coastal land in the City of Bayside o Identify coastal management responsibilities and allow for coordinated and informed decision making and management o Identify foreshore precincts, key features and opportunities o Engage the community and key stakeholders o Develop a three year business plan for implementation.



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Urban Initiatives for Bayside City Council : 2014