Victoria University Sport Strategy

The Victoria University (VU) Sport Strategy 2019-2023 outlines our commitment to cementing VU’s place as a leading Australian and global institution in the field of sport. Over our history and particularly in the last decade, VU has been a leading local, national and global contributor in the field. Our teaching and learning, research and engagement with the sport industry has blazed a trail that many others have now chosen to follow. Through this strategy, it is time once again for VU to establish a new national benchmark for what leading in sport, sport science and active living means in practice and to leverage that benchmark into global recognition as a world-leading university in the field of sport. We will do this through a renewed focus on innovative teaching and learning opportunities that use VU’s block model to distinct advantage such that our sport-based learning becomes a hallmark of The VU Way. In addition, our research will be deeply focussed on the areas that matter most to the sport industry and where the learnings can be applied from grassroots to elite in support of sport at all levels. We will continue to grow our partnerships with the sport industry – locally, nationally and globally – ensuring that our research translates to meaningful outcomes and that our graduates are best-of-breed. Finally, we will lead the way, with a number of those partners, in using sport to help ensure that Australia becomes renowned globally – not only for its sporting prowess but as one of the healthiest nations on earth. This strategy is underpinned by the Victoria University Strategic Plan 2016-2020 and will be reviewed and refreshed on a regular basis to ensure that sport at VU is continually setting the mark toward which others must strive.



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