Wader Roost Construction in Moreton Bay: A Feasibility Study into the Construction of Migratory Wader (Shorebird) High Tide Roosts in Moreton Bay, Qld, using Raby Bay as a Case Study.

Concern for a number of threatened wader roosting sites around Moreton Bay by the Department of Lands and the Queensland Wader Study Group (Queensland Ornithological Society Incorporated) led the Regional Open Space Scheme (then administered by the Department of Lands) to fund a feasibility study into the provision of one artificial wader roost site as a test case at Raby Bay. The report provides information for people involved in the Raby Bay roost project and also those who require information for other roost provision projects.

Chapter 1 introduces the issue and the study. The first two sections are worth reading by everyone.

Chapters 2 and 3 detail the principles of roost construction, and are aimed at future readers. Those involved in Raby Bay can gain insight from this information, particularly about the birds, but much of it is contained in Chapters 4,5 and 6 or is referred back to when necessary.

Chapter 4 concerns roost conservation needs. It is mainly case-specific information, but general principles can be gained from the case study, and there is a preliminary look at needs in Moreton Bay. The section dealing with the effects of roost loss on feeding populations is relevant to all roost provision.

Chapters 5 and 6 detail the site proposals in the Raby Bay project and relate information to them, but can be referred to by general readers as examples.

Chapter 7 contains recommendations for Raby Bay specifically, and then in general. While there is some repetition, general readers will gain a better understanding of the issues by reading the Raby Bay section as well.



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Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines: 1995


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