Walk and Ride in Casey 2019-2041

The City of Casey is one of the largest and fastest-growing municipalities in Victoria and Australia. By 2041 our population is forecast to grow to 549,190 residents, calling for the need to be prepared for the physical, social and economic changes associated with rapid growth. Our community is faced with significant challenges to walk and ride within the municipality. This creates an opportunity for the City of Casey to positively improve the health, wellbeing and liveability for our residents and visitors through a connected path network.
The Walk & Ride in Casey Strategy (the Strategy) provides guidance and direction to plan and deliver footpaths, shared paths, bicycle lanes and separate lanes that allow our community to freely commute and recreate on a connected path network that eases the challenges associated with our growing population. The challenges include: * Traffic congestion; * Climate change; * Technology dependency;* Social isolation; * Perception of safety; * Lag in infrastructure delivery.
The Strategy includes the activities of walking, running, wheeled activities such as riding, scooting, roller; *blading and skate boarding, and use of mobility aides including wheelchairs, walking frames and electric scooters; * The provision of a quality path network increases the options for community members of all ages and abilities to access local services, parks, trails, wetlands, creek corridors, sport and leisure facilities. This is key to increasing physical activity, improving mental health, creating social connections and reducing car dependence as well as increasing options for community members to access to education, employment and social activities. The Strategy understands and prioritises investment in the missing links required to create improved local and regional connections for the current and future path network within the Casey and with neighbouring council networks.



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