Bayside Tennis Strategy 2019-2028

The Bayside Tennis Strategy (the Strategy) was undertaken to guide the sustainability of tennis in Bayside. It considers a range of issues and provides recommendations to support the sustainability of tennis in the municipality and address issues associated with aging infrastructure. The report has been informed through consultation with key stakeholders, analysis of membership and participation numbers, review of infrastructure audits and venue management models. Data utilised in this report is based on information provided through the Tennis Australia’s Healthy Club program 2015/16. A complete understanding of the current situation of tennis in Bayside has been difficult to determine without access to results and current data from Tennis Australia Club Operational Health Checks. Without full disclosure of Club/Centre positions the recommendations of this report may not accurately reflect the current needs of venues.
Tennis remains a popular sport amongst the Bayside community and following the introduction of a new Tennis Victoria affiliation model in 2014, which reduced the financial impost of affiliation, a significant increase in membership numbers was recorded. However it is apparent that there remains an oversupply of tennis courts within Bayside. While the provision of tennis facilities is high, the standard of infrastructure at the majority of venues is quite poor and it has been identified in the short to medium term (1-5 years) an investment of $1.4m will be required to renew end of life court surfaces and associated infrastructure, with a further $1.6m in years six to ten. The current structure of the Leasing Policy places all maintenance and renewal costs onto the lessee and the Strategy has identified that the generation of funds to meet the asset renewal costs is unattainable for community tennis clubs. The Strategy recognises the opportunity to address the infrastructure issues through the reduction of venues, supporting changes of court surface types, maximising multi-sport and access for all ages and abilities opportunities and providing modern access system’s at community courts to allow broader access by the community. By decreasing the number of venues, consolidating use to the remaining sites and supporting club investment into improving infrastructure, Bayside will provide a sustainable model for tennis in the municipality.



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Bayside City Council : 2019