Walking Strategy 2018-2028

Walking is one of the healthiest modes of transportation offering a broad range of health, social, economic and environmental benefits. Best suited
for shorter trips, many people benefit from walking to local destinations such as shops, cafes, parks or schools. Often public transport trips also involve some form of walking, such as walking to a bus stop or rail station and then walking again to the final destination. Encouraging greater levels of walking as a form of transport is a major objective of Banyule City Council to build a healthier, more inclusive and safer city. In recognition of
this, the Walking Strategy is an important component of Council’s broader Integrated Transport Plan. The Walking Strategy takes its strategic direction from Banyule City Council’s Integrated Transport Plan, “To create a consistent and strategic approach to managing walking throughout the
municipality and creating a culture where people choose to walk”. The International Charter for Walking was signed by Banyule City Council in 2016. This Charter, and the Heart Foundations’s Healthy by Design Principles have informed the three key objectives of this Strategy; o Create a Comprehensive Walking Network o Make it Safer, Easier & More Comfortable to Walk throughout Banyule, and o Support a Walking Culture in Banyule



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Prepared by Tract Consultants for Banyule City Council: 2018


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