Webinar: A balancing act: Designing playgrounds for WOW factor and play value

When designing a landmark playground, a focus on iconic design and a unique aesthetic is important. But we cannot forget the needs of the end user – children – when delivering a custom playground for your community. Aside from an imaginative and exciting design, children crave thrill, challenge and a diverse range of play activities to keep them engaged and coming back to your site. Join Stacey Hack, Design and Visualisation Team Leader at KOMPAN Australia as she explores how to add play value to your custom landmark playground and reintroduce how children play as a key factor in the design process. Explore the important balance between aesthetic, WOW factor and supporting kids’ social, cognitive, creative and physical development when selecting play equipment and designing your site. In this insightful webinar, you can learn how to build your unique play area in a way that is sustainable and irresistible to children, parents and your clients.



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