Webinar: Bridging the gap: Promoting an Active Lifestyle in Youth With Quality Outdoor Activity Sites

Transforming a generation of sedentary tweens and teens into active young adults is a significant challenge: according to the Australian Institute of Health and Wellbeing, only 11% of teens are sufficiently active, and just 16% meet the recommended level of muscle strengthening activity. This is concerning, especially as teens repeatedly state that they like partaking in physical activity with friends. They enjoy outdoor play and fitness, as long as the design accommodates them and not just younger children or adults. How can designers and planners bridge the gap between the need for physical activity and the natural activity habits of young people (13-18 years)?

Join Mark Chatman, Play and Fitness Specialist and Victoria Sales Manager at KOMPAN Australia for a deep dive on what drives young people to get active, and how we can design quality outdoor activity sites to engage, develop and retain users aged 13-18 and promote real fitness outcomes.

Explore the important differences between age groups and which equipment is appropriate to match the unique goals and fitness needs of tweens and teens. Learn about ideal site design and product selection so that you can maximise usage and improve health outcomes in the oft-neglected 13-18 age group. Discover case studies and inspirational site designs to help you elevate your next outdoor fitness project and cater to the youth in your area.

Mark Chatman
Sales Manager (Victoria) at KOMPAN Australia

Mark leads the Victoria team at KOMPAN Australia to create quality outdoor activity sites across the state, and has over a decade of experience enriching parks, schools and urban areas with play & fitness structures. Informed and inspired by its Fitness and Play Institutes, playground projects led by Mark are grounded in research and utilise a global network of fitness and play academics to design the equipment. With a personal passion for health as an avid trail runner, Mark’s outdoor activity site designs are underpinned with a dedication to uplifting the community with opportunities to be fit and activate the inactive.

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