Whats Happened to Metropolitan Parks

This letter by metropolitan parks advocates is addressed to the Ministry for Planning and Environment. The letter argues that since the formation of Parks Victoria in 1992, the “traditional” Metropolitan Parks, previously managed by the Board of Works/Melbourne Water, have progressively and rapidly gone backward. Since 1904 there has always been a defined Vision, clear direction, and a well-planned approach to the “development” of a network of strategically located Regionally significant parks. From the 1970s to the middle 1990s there had been a well-planned and managed Metropolitan Park System.

However new management styles of the early 1990s and the establishment of Parks Victoria has seen the Metropolitan Parks vision lost, a decline in quality management with a dominance toward National Parks. Metropolitan Parks funding has been significantly reduced and direction dropped from critical and previously strategic development and management plans of Metropolitan Parks.

The letter raises several concerns including: the decline in Metropolitan Ranger Service numbers,; the re-invasion of weeds and feral animals; town planning on adjoining lands, environmental management, and fire management.

The letter requests that the Ministry for Planning and Environment/Parks Victoria seek public opinion, involve the community, and consult more with Metropolitan Friends Groups and Wurundjeri Community and re-elevate the Metropolitan Parks System to its correct status and re-establish its original vision and direction.



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Publisher not known: 1999