Bicycle Action Plan 2019-2026

Bayside City Council has prepared a Bicycle Action Plan 2019 to guide delivery of a range of initiatives to support cycling as a convenient alternative to private vehicle trips within Bayside. The Bicycle Action Plan 2019 supersedes the Bicycle Strategy 2013. The Bicycle Action Plan 2019 is informed by Council’s Integrated Transport Strategy 2018 – 2028, the Bicycle Strategy 2013, and feedback from the community and Council officers. It identifies actions to make improvements to the bicycle network and to encourage more cycling in Bayside. The Bicycle Action Plan is set around seven objectives which reflect the aspirations of the community and will contribute to Council’s vision for cycling. The objectives are
Objective 1: High quality on-road bicycle network; Objective 2: High quality off-road bicycle network; Objective 3: Effective maintenance of the bicycle network; Objective 4: Integration of cycling with land use development, public transport and other public amenities; Objective 5: Planning to support cycling; Objective 6: Promotion of cycling in Bayside; Objective 7: Education for safer cycling



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Bayside City Council: 2019