Blind Sports Australia Strategic Plan 2017-2020

The development and maintenance of Blind Sport Australia’s (BSA) Strategic Plan needs to continue to engage members and stakeholders of blind and vision-impaired sport in Australia. It is imperative that we continue to engage our existing members through consultation, co-operation and service. We need to continue to grow blind and vision impaired sport being visible in the community and through recruiting and involving the blind and vision impaired community. We need to engage support from experienced athletes and participants to inspire and involve new members of the community to participate in Blind Sport. We continue to work closely with the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) as we require their expertise and support in relation to sports management, financial assistance, and general assistance through their thought leadership, knowledge, and networks. Our Strategic Plan in the ongoing reference point for BSA, as it aligns our activity from Vision through Mission to annual programs. BSA incorporated a number of key considerations in this plan. In short this Plan: o is strategic in its focus; o outlines the vision for the future; o assists in the facilitation of coordinated activity at all levels with particular attention given to critical drivers of success; o contains objectives that are meaningful and measurable; and o incorporates member involvement through valuable discussion and contribution. The plan identifies the priorities that will assist Blind Sports Australia to deliver its objectives. Within the overall framework there is a focus on individual initiatives and key actions associated with each strategic area. On an annual basis, the Board of BSA will closely monitor the organisation’ progress against the stated initiatives to ensure achievement of the overall objectives, in conjunction with our operational plan.



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