Building Resilience in the Leisure and Recreation Industry in the Face of Climate and Weather Change

The following paper and the accompanying pdf (“Marriott Climate change workshop slides”) were presented at the PLA Vic/Tas regional conference held in Healesville on June 8-9 2023. This presentation and workshop session has five objectives:
1. To reassert that climate and weather change have happened and that change is continuing and
2. To highlight the importance of climate and weather change to the leisure and recreation
3. To propose an action framework that the leisure profession and local government can use as a
guide to responding to climate and weather change
4. To discuss the work being undertaken by the Climate Council of Australia that is relevant to
local government climate and weather change action, and
5. To run a discussion/question session focused on input from representatives of local
government bodies that have implemented action plans on climate and weather change.



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Victoria, Australia-wide, New Zealand


Granted by Dr Ken Marriot on 19 June 2023


Marriott , Ken (Author)


Publisher not known : 2023