Bundaberg Regional Council’s Parks and Open Space Strategy 2019 – 2026

The Bundaberg Regional Council’s Parks and Open Space Strategy 2019 – 2026 is a key policy document for the planning, development and management of Council controlled parks and open space. Parks and open space are highly valued by the community as they provide a diverse range of opportunities for sport, recreation, cultural, entertainment or leisure activities. This strategy provides the framework to deliver Council’s vision for parks and open space which is to “create an integrated and sustainable network of high quality, attractive and well maintained parks and open spaces for both residents and visitors that will satisfy current and future recreation needs and support a safe, active, vibrant and inclusive community.” The strategy’s alignment to key federal, state and local legislation and policy is crucial to ensure a consistent and compliant approach to open space planning. The Bundaberg Regional Council Planning Scheme 2015 has provided the underlying basis for parks and open space planning through the development of the Local Government Infrastructure Plan (LGIP). This strategy builds on the LGIP, detailing the key parks and infrastructure for development, desired service standards and a parks and open space hierarchy. This forms the framework for planning and delivering parks and open space across the region. In developing the Parks and Open Space Strategy 2019 – 2026, extensive community consultation was undertaken along with a review of best practice in park design and management. In addition, a review of the existing parks network and infrastructure has been carried out to understand the current status of the parks and open space network. This information was fundamental to the development of the strategy to ensure our parks and open space continue to meet the needs and expectations of our community and are responsive to growth and changing community needs. For Council to achieve its vision for parks and open space, six strategic priority areas have been identified to form the Action and Implementation Plan. This plan provides a roadmap with clear objectives and tasks for the future. The six strategic priority areas are to:
1. Develop and maintain a network of quality parks and open space that meets the diverse recreation needs of the community and promotes community health, safety and wellbeing
2. Deliver robust, proactive and responsible planning and management
3. Improve and enhance connectivity and accessibility
4. Ensure environmental management and sustainable practice
5. Support community involvement and utilisation
6. Develop an open space network that stimulates economic growth



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