Bundoora Park Precinct Master Plan 2013-2025

The purpose of this document is to establish a clear vision for the Bundoora Park Precinct and to create an action plan ensuring the vision can be delivered. The report presents a series of discussion points that start with the current state of the park and lead to opportunities and actions for social, cultural, environmental and economic sustainability. These findings are based on an analysis from consultation with key stakeholders and community, a business review of Bundoora Park Precinct, site analysis, a literature review (including policy review), benchmarking and a long-term strategic analysis.
Bundoora Park Precinct is one of Darebin’s largest parcels of public open space supporting a variety of activities including an 18-hole golf course, series of play spaces, a heritage village, an historic home, a contemporary art gallery, an urban farm, walking tracks, a wildlife reserve, un-programmed open space and a natural bushland area. The State Government of Victoria owns Bundoora Park with Darebin City Council acting as the delegated Committee of Management. The diversity of activities available at Bundoora Park Precinct creates an unique public parkland setting providing Darebin’s residents and visitors with a variety of services and opportunities. The Precinct’s activities are managed by several independent groups or teams within Council. In some cases, this style of management has led to a lack of cohesion and missed opportunities for collaboration within the Precinct. The existing Bundoora Park Master Plan expired in 1998. Consequently, a new master plan is required to build on the successes of the past while creating a sustainable Bundoora Park Precinct for the future. Creating a cohesive vision and coordinated action plan will help Council and Darebin residents get the most out of Bundoora Park Precinct’s range of activities while allowing Darebin City Council to maximise value for money with capital and operational spending.



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