Casey Aquatic Facilities Strategy 2019 – 2041

Casey City Council is committed to supporting involvement in active and healthy lifestyles and improving the health and wellbeing of residents. Council recognises that aquatic and leisure facilities play an important role in contributing to the wellbeing of our community, supporting improvements in physical and mental health, providing an environment to build social networks and connections and develop core life skills. In order to meet our community’s contemporary aquatic and recreational needs, an integrated Aquatic Strategy that considers the current and future needs of residents, the upgrade and renewal needs of the existing facilities, Councils rate capping environment, and plans for the future population growth is required. A summary of market research and consultation was prepared alongside the Aquatic Strategy to understand the condition and return on investment of the existing facilities, the operational performance of the facilities including pressures and patterns of use and the key needs and demands of residents.



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City of Casey: 2019


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