Chain of Trails Master Plan, Campbelltown SA

Swanbury Penglase in association with Tonkin Consulting were engaged by the City of Campbelltown to undertake an assessment and Master Plan of the Chain of Trails, including Third, Fourth and Fifth Creek within the Council boundaries. The purpose of the Master Plan is to identify opportunities for the future upgrade along the 10km of trails. The aim is to establish a more accessible trail experience from the hills to the River Torrens Linear Park. The recommendations provided in this report will assist the City of Campbelltown in developing a staged upgrade and works program.
Specifically the report includes these major components: 1) Project Background; 2) Current Conditions of the Trails; 3) Proposed Alignment Options; 4) Biodiversity and Aesthetic Values; 5) Materials and Furniture Options; 6) Signage Assessment and Upgrade
This Master Plan is supported by a Background Report that provides information to support the recommended upgrade strategy for the Chain of Trails. The main purpose of the Background Report is to outline the findings from a review of relevant publications, plans and policies, and to provide response to the feedback from the first phase of community consultation. It also summarises consultation undertaken internally within Council. The City of Campbelltown recognises that the existing trails have some significant issues with regard to accessibility and safety, in part due to traffic management, creek erosion and past planning. The development of the Chain of Trails Master Plan will provide the City of Campbelltown with a strategic overview to guide future upgrades and redevelopment of the trails and adjoining reserve areas.
The Master Plan identifies specific areas with poor access, safety concerns, and high aesthetic and/or biodiversity value with the aim to improve the overall amenity of the trail and to improve its capacity to cater for a wide range of users. The Master Plan endeavours to balance growing community needs, open space appearance, trail functionality, cultural sensitivities, environmental sustainability and economic realities. It proposes alternative trail alignments, materials, signage upgrades and additional amenities to help meet these needs. The enhanced development of the creek line trails will create valuable recreational, community and educational assets. While it does not commit Council or any other body to undertake any of the identified improvements, it will support future grant funding applications as appropriate. Vision The overall vision for the Chain of Trails is to provide the Campbelltown community and its visitors with a safe and enjoyable creek line trails and nature experience.



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Swanbury Penglase: 2014