Change and Continuity in Peri-Urban Australia: Peri-Urban Futures and Sustainable Development

This Monograph reports the findings of a scenario planning exercise which has been undertaken as the third and last phase of the Peri-urban Continuity and Change project by a joint research team from RMIT University and Griffith University. This last phase has involved the construction of two scenarios of possible futures for the two case study regions under investigation. This was done in order to test the robustness of the regions’ “official” land use planning strategies and NRM plans to perform under the circumstances of these hypothetical scenarios and address a range of landscape management challenges predicted to be associated with these possible futures. This was achieved through a scenario planning approach which provided a systematic method for the development and testing of plans and strategies in an uncertain environment through the creation of these possible futures to test them in.



Geographic Coverage

Queensland, Victoria


Gleeson, Brendan (Author); Sutherland, Cassara (Author); Choy, Darryl (Author); Dodson, Jago (Author); Sipe, Neil (Author)


Griffith University