Cities for People and Nature

Our mission was twofold: to undertake multi-disciplinary research for practical outcomes, and to highlight Indigenous perspectives in urban environments. Our approach was collaborative, and our philosophy recognised the value of working across boundaries to create something bigger than each individual field could achieve on its own. It also recognised the value of providing early- and mid-career researchers with opportunities to pursue cutting-edge science while also taking on formal leadership roles within the hub. Our aim was to undertake a body of work, engagement and outreach activities that would change the way people think about cities in Australia, and open new possibilities to make them better places for people and nature. The opportunity to highlight cities as Indigenous places, to make space for Indigenous voices and perspectives in cities, and to promote Indigenous-led research is one we have taken seriously



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Barrett, B S (Author); Stanley, H M (Editor); Hurley, J (Editor); Parris, K M (Author)


The Clean Air and Urban Landscapes (CAUL) Hub, Melbourne: 2020


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