City of Burnside Playground Strategy 2014-2024

The City of Burnside has prepared this Playground Strategy to guide the provision and management of public Playgrounds within the city. This Strategy takes the approach that open space planning for children’s use, should be aimed at providing for:a wide range of safe, fun and stimulating playgrounds meeting the needs of local children, (as well as the wider population) and complementing the play opportunities available to them in their everyday lives.. The Strategy refers to spaces that are dominated by play equipment and also looking beyond the traditional supply of play equipment and considering features both within and surrounding the play areas. While it is recognised that children’s play can occur anywhere, this Strategy focuses on the provision of play opportunities within a defined space. Playgrounds play an important role in the development of children through the provision of experiences that may not otherwise be available in their everyday life. Obvious benefits include a range of physical development like improved coordination, strength, balance and spatial awareness. Indirect benefits cover a wide range of social, cognitive and creative qualities that are very important on the development of the ‘whole’ person. A number of challenges face the City of Burnside to ensure that provision of Playgrounds is appropriate for current and projected communities and their needs. Expectations change over time and residents do not necessarily need to be able to walk to a local Playground. The Playgrounds they use need to be safe, accessible, exciting and fun with additional elements including shade, seating and in some cases fencing.
The Strategy focuses on the play needs of children (0-12 years) and the subsequent needs of their parents and caregivers when visiting Playgrounds. The Strategy does not examine in detail the provision of facilities for young people, such as skate parks. However, it does acknowledge that young people over the age of 12 visit Playgrounds and look for play opportunities to be challenged. Council is faced with the challenge of upgrading and developing all Playgrounds throughout the City to a high standard that offer various experiences at individual Playgrounds. This document is intended to guide Council in determining to what extent a Playground may be developed, what priorities exist, who they cater for, and what additional supporting infrastructure is appropriate and affordable.



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City of Burnside: 2014