City of Melbourne Open Space Strategy: Technical Report

The Open Space Strategy will provide the overarching framework and strategic direction for open space planning in the City of Melbourne for the next 15 years. The strategy includes consideration of the forecast population change based on the exhibited Draft Municipal Strategic Statement (July 2010) and provides the strategic basis for an open space contributions framework. The strategy will enable us to: provide an accessible open space network where the majority of people live and work within a 10 minute walk of open space; liaise with the Victorian Government so that additional major open spaces can be provided in the centres of future growth for Melbourne, reinforcing and expanding its role as the capital city of the State of Victoria; provide a network of diverse neighbourhood and local open spaces as the population grows so that Melbourne continues to be one of the world’s most liveable cities; improve the quality and design of the existing open spaces where needed to cater to the existing and forecast population, biodiversity and urban heat mitigation; provide a set of prioritised actions for open space within the municipal context; provide a strategic basis for an open space contributions framework that delivers additional high quality open space for the forecast future population.



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This report was prepared for the City of Melbourne by Thompson Berrill Landscape Design Pty Ltd and Environment & Land Management Pty Ltd in association with: Professor Nigel Tapper, Monash University and Dr Serryn Eagleston of EDGResearch.


City of Melbourne: 2012