City of Salisbury Tourism and Visitor Strategy 2016-2021

This strategy has been developed in line with our Building City Pride Strategy, City Plan 2030 and the City’s economic development goals. The strategy defines the opportunities and enablers for tourism and visitor growth; and outlines the necessary leadership and vision to achieve that growth. An exciting opportunity exists to develop and share ‘the ‘Salisbury story’ (the story of our people, cultural diversity, history, industries and our natural environment); to create awareness of existing visitor experiences and to develop new experiences. Currently there is no formal network of tourism and visitor oriented businesses in the area and there is a lack of connectedness between attractions and experiences. Many businesses are not necessarily aware of the benefits to be gained by attracting and engaging visitors. Feedback also indicates that there is a lack of awareness and information available about what the area has to offer, with the area having many ‘hidden secrets’.
Now, more than ever, as the broader South Australian economic and employment outlook is challenged, we need to create new, innovative opportunities in industries such as tourism. Creative thinking and collaborative partnerships and initiatives will be key to meeting this challenge. The Northern Economic Plan identifies tourism, recreation and culture as an ‘economic sector of the future’ and provides programs and projects to support that growth. Key opportunities include development of a ‘live music activation strategy’, investment in a Northern Adelaide Food Park at Parafield Airport; and a $10 million Small Business Development Fund ‘to encourage small businesses to grow and create sustainable jobs’. The opportunity exists to capitalise on these initiatives to create investment and job outcomes for our local visitor economy.
Delivering the City of Salisbury Tourism and Visitor Strategy will require commitment, vision, common goals and collaboration from industry, all levels of government and the community. Continuing to build city pride and capturing and marketing our unique points of difference, will be integral to selling the Salisbury story. We have much to celebrate with our rich Kaurna and multicultural history and community; proximity to South Australia’s premier wine and food region and amazing coastal environment. In developing this strategy, the City of Salisbury is outlining its commitment to growing the local visitor economy and the leadership role it intends to play over the next five years. In making this commitment, the City of Salisbury acknowledges that long term sustainability of the local visitor economy will also require:
– Achieving recognition from the community and local businesses of our potential as a visitor destination;
– Active engagement by Council, the community and local businesses in visitor attraction;
– Building the capacity and capability of community groups and businesses to deliver visitor experiences, products and services; and
– Achieving collaboration, partnerships and support from neighbouring Councils, relevant South Australian Government agencies and industry associations.



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City of Salisbury: 2016