Climate Change Adaptation Plan for the Western Adelaide Region i

The Western Adelaide Region is already experiencing extreme and hazardous climatic events such as flooding from intense rainfall and storm surge as well as extreme temperatures and heatwaves. Recent storm events have resulted in interruptions to our electricity supply and key transport routes, damage to built infrastructure such as jetties and coastal paths and erosion of our beaches and dunes. Extreme temperatures and extended heatwaves have resulted in increased hospital admissions and heat related illnesses and deaths. With continued changes in climate projected into the future, the intensity and frequency of extreme events will also increase. Without intervention, the Western Adelaide Region will not only continue to flood and experience extreme heat, but this will occur more often and the impacts will be more severe.
As a Region we must think, plan and act now to build the resilience of Western Adelaide, not only for ourselves but for the rest of the State which is reliant on us for a range of goods, services and experiences. If we do not take action, interruption, damage or destruction of critical infrastructure and services such as the Adelaide Airport, port and wharf facilities and beaches and dunes will occur, and the health and wellbeing of more than 271,850 people who live in the Region and the viability of more than 21,000 businesses and industry located there will be at risk.
AdaptWest is about making sure that the communities, environment and businesses and industries of the Western Adelaide Region remain productive, connected and strong and can respond positively to the challenges and opportunities presented by a changing climate. We know that despite global action being taken to manage and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, we are already on a pathway which means that some degree of adaptation will be required. By being proactive and thinking and planning now for the impacts that are likely to occur as the climate changes, the Western Adelaide Region (the Region) can position itself to manage adverse impacts and take advantage of any opportunities.
By collaborating, our Region can deliver a coordinated response to climate change and by sharing information, resources, responsibilities and actions we can AdaptWest. This Regional Climate Change Adaptation Plan (Regional Adaptation Plan) provides the foundation for this coordinated and collaborative response to climate change and identifies priorities for adaptation across the Western Adelaide Region.
The Western Adelaide Region Climate Change Adaptation project is supported and co-funded by contributions from the Commonwealth Government through the Natural Disaster Resilience Program, South Australian Fire and Emergency Services Commission (SAFECOM), the South Australian Department of Environment, Water, and Natural Resources (DEWNR), and the Cities of Charles Sturt, West Torrens,
and Port Adelaide Enfield. The preparation of the Regional Adaptation Plan was undertaken over three key stages as follows:
o understanding the Western Adelaide Region in relation to a changing climate
o identifying and assessing the vulnerability of what we value in our Region, and
o identifying adaptation responses.



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