Colac Otway Public Open Space Strategy

The development of the Colac Otway Public Open Space Strategy represents a commitment by Council and key stakeholders to carefully plan the future provision of open space and examine how the existing open space system can be improved. This Strategy will guide decision making for planning applications as new subdivisions are developed in the urban areas and for enhancements to open space in established communities throughout the Shire. Open space has significant physical and mental health benefits for individuals and research continues to reinforce the importance of a good quality and diverse open space system. Located in Victoria’s south west and comprising the major urban centre of Colac, the coastal town of Apollo Bay, rural townships of Birregurra, Beeac, Cressy and Forrest and a large rural hinterland, development of the shire dates back to the 1850’s. Colac experienced significant growth in first half of the 20th century as it became a major service centre for local agriculture and timber industries. Similarly Apollo Bay was established as a port to service the timber harvesting of some of the Otway ranges. In later years the Shire has catered for distinct housing markets; a relatively stable rural population in inland areas, emerging growth in the regional centre and a growing coastal population. Current and future demand for increased housing in the Colac and Elliminyt areas comes predominantly from new households forming within the shire whereas increased housing demand in coastal areas is expected from further afield, such as Geelong and Melbourne. In preparing the Public Open Space Strategy, careful consideration has been given to the important elements of open space in growing and changing communities. As a result, the Colac Otway public open space network will: Provide a widely varied and sustainable network of open spaces which meets the needs of a diverse community for recreation, sporting and social opportunities as well as protecting and enhancing important flora, fauna and landscape values.



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Sykes Consulting/Urbis for Shire of Colac Otway : 2011