Cycling and Walking Strategy

The preparation of this Cycling and Walking Strategy provides a clear direction for achieving physical activity in the City of Playford. As the City of Playford continues to grow and evolve it is vital that cycling and walking are key components in the planning and implementation of new developments and integrated into existing suburbs and transport networks. This Strategy contains the “building blocks” for cycling and walking delivery across the City of Playford. The Strategy helps inform future developments, strategic planning decisions and also acts as a commitment to embed cycling and walking initiatives into all Council processes, projects and budget implementing this Strategy, it is advantageous for the City of Playford to make the most of current opportunities considering current and future projects in the City of Playford and to work with other Councils and the State government, to argue for an integrated and effective Greater Adelaide cycling and walking network.
This Strategy uses the terms cycling and walking in their broadest sense. They are inclusive of wheelchairs, prams, mobility scooters and other similar devices, as well as skateboards, kick scooters, rollerblades and the like. It also includes cycling and walking for recreation, fitness and commuting purposes. This Cycling and Walking Strategy will be used by the City of Playford in collaboration with the State government, developers and the community to: – Provide an appreciation of the benefits of cycling and walking and their value in Council’s strategic direction towards creating physically and socially connected communities. – Evaluate existing cycling and walking networks and conditions to assess their adequacy in operation and connectivity, safety, comfort and amenity. – Plan for an integrated and sustainable transport network that supports cycling and walking as sustainable transport alternatives to the car. – Provide Council with information which may assist when commenting on existing and future State government-led transport strategies and plans. – Deliver strategies for improving the function and amenity of cycling and walking so they become a viable connected transport and recreation option for all City of Playford residents and visitors. – Coordinate planning and delivery of cycling and walking infrastructure in existing urban areas and future growth areas (e.g. Buckland Park), including assisting in directing capital works expenditure. Capital works may be funded by Council themselves, or in partnership with the State government and private developers. – Develop long-term management plans for renewing and upgrading of Council roads, and pathways to support cycle and walking provision. – Plan for maintenance and management of cycling and walking networks. – Continue to develop strategies for promotion, education and advocacy of cycling and walking, working with the OPAl (Obesity Prevention and lifestyle) program to create a culture within the City of Playford which respects and embraces cycling and walking both at a strategic, decision-making level and at local community level.



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