Darebin Creek Management Plan

The project study area includes the length of the main stem of Darebin Creek from its source in Woodstock to the confluence with the Yarra River along with consideration of the major tributaries. The intent of this Plan is to replace the outdated Lower Darebin Creek Concept Plan (1994) and Middle Darebin Creek Concept Plan (1996). The project brief called for the plan to be a strategic guiding document addressing the following issues: o long term protection and restoration of the Darebin Creek and its immediate surrounds o waterway corridor interface issues, including implementation of Council Stormwater Management Plans (SWMP) o open space design and management, including the hierarchy of visitor points along the corridor o protection and improvement of landscape character and condition of the open space o opportunities for education and community involvement o planning and development issues and the impact these have on the creek corridor including developing a set of key principles for these. The project will rely on existing available research material to inform the plan and it is recognised that there is no scope for broader involvement by a multi-disciplinary team to undertake original research and review for this plan.



Geographic Coverage



Thompson Berril Landscape Design for the City of Darebin: 2017