The Darwin Inner Suburbs Area Plan provides a framework to guide progressive growth and development within the Inner Suburbs of Darwin. Land use and development envisaged by this Area Plan will be progressively rolled-out over the longer term, rather than occur immediately.
The Plan provides a detailed land use framework within the context of the broad regional strategic planning policies established by the Darwin Regional Land Use Plan 2015.
The Plan aims to provide the community, the development industry and decision makers with confidence about the likely form of future land use. It presents the characteristics and opportunities that will shape the future of the area whilst providing the opportunity to accommodate the new dwellings forecast for the Inner Suburbs of Darwin in the Darwin Regional Land Use Plan (2015) of 800 dwellings in the short term and 4 490 in the far term.
The Area Plan is premised on focusing new growth toward activity centres to facilitate walkability associated with the co-location of higher density
residential development and a mix of commercial, retail, community facilities and services, public transport and tracts of public open space. The Area Plan is informed by studies into the essential infrastructure, community infrastructure and transport services required to meet the needs of the community. The provision of this infrastructure is commensurate to future development.



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Northern Territory Planning Commission: 2016