Active by the Bay Recreation Strategy

The Strategy details the future direction for recreation in Bayside, summarises research and consultation findings and outlines eight priority areas and associated actions to be addressed over the next ten years. The Strategy is presented as Parts A and B: Part A comprises: Section 1 – The Forward Plan for Recreation – A summary of the way in which
recreation is currently delivered within Bayside and an outline of the strategic direction for recreation provision to 2022;
Section 2 – Summary of the Research and Consultation; Section 3 – Key findings and themes; Section 4 – Program of
Infrastructure Works; PART B – Research and Consultation Report (This is a separate document which provides all research findings, including results of the randomised household survey, telephone survey and workshops, listing of
recreation facilities and activities available within Bayside, including the mapping of recreation facilities. Copies of Part B are available on Council’s website –



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Bayside City Council : 2013