Disability Sports Australia Annual Report

We know that sport is important for health, emotional and psychological well-being, and sport seems to be part of this country’s DNA. Yet it is very clear that there is much to do to bridge the gap between what we know needs to be provided to allow people with a disability to live lives enriched by sport, and what is able to be achieved in a climate of shrinking funding and resources. Disability Sports Australia (DSA) has spent considerable time reviewing our strategy and operations this year, and in particular examining the WHY of what we do, to help us to focus on how we can be most effective with our limited resources. Each year, the Board and staff review the ongoing strategy and select key strategic priorities to focus on within that year. This report highlights the ongoing activities and programs we focused on this past year: 1. Finalising the website and digital strategy; 2. Partnerships and relationships that will benefit DSA and its members in the long term; 3. Bidding for, and winning the rights to, the 2018 IWRF Championship; 4. Establishing wheelchair Aussie rules as a new sport; and, 5. New sources of revenue.



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Disability Sports Australia: 2016