Active for Life Challenging the status quo to get our children moving more and living active, healthy lives

What’s Active for Life about? Active for Life is a VicHealth resource that brings together Australian and international research to tell the story of why children are becoming increasingly inactive. USE ACTIVE FOR LIFE TO: o challenge current thinking, practice, social norms and habits in relation to children’s activity levels o reinforce the importance of children’s physical activity with decision makers, colleagues, parents and others who can influence the issue o support efforts to influence children’s activity levels and inspire others to do the same o gain a deeper understanding of the issues around children’s physical activity o identify opportunities to integrate and embed physical activity into children’s daily lives o make informed decisions about how to take action using evidence, research and better practice examples o shift current thinking, policy and practice to help bring about change o work collaboratively with others to identify and shape a healthy future for our children o identify further information and resources to guide action. WHO’S IT FOR? It’s for decision makers who can influence the issue where children live, learn and play including: o school principals and teachers o kindergarten directors and early childhood educators o school and community group committees o State Sporting Associations, sports coaches and sports club committees o recreation centre managers o State and local government officers in the areas of planning, health, education, parks and sport and recreation.



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VicHealth 2014, Active for Life, Victorian Health Promotion Foundation, Melbourne, Australia.: 2014


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