Equestrian Strategy

The Equestrian strategy has been developed to guide the future provision of equestrian opportunities in Cardinia Shire over the next 10 years. The Equestrian strategy focuses on both equestrian sport and recreational riding in Cardinia Shire which are addressed in two separate sections of this report and include recommendations that aim to improve participation opportunities and strengthen the significance of equestrian activity within the Shire. The strategy also acknowledges the significance of the horse racing industry in Cardinia Shire however excludes any specific analysis or recommendations relating to the racing industry. Cardinia Shire’s rural setting, low density developments and unique landscape characteristics allow for a high level of horse ownership and equestrian activity. The location of the Shire on the fringe of Melbourne’s urban development also makes the municipality a popular destination for agistment and equestrian activity for those living in Melbourne’s south east. Equestrian activity can be broadly broken into ‘equestrian sport’ (or organised equestrian activity) and ‘recreational riding’ (non-organised equestrian activity) which are both addressed within the Equestrian strategy, which aims to guide the future provision of these activities in Cardinia Shire over the next 10 years.



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Shire of Cardinia: 2014


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