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This paper provides multiple narratives on the development of roadsides and conservation in Victoria (Australia). In his work, Planning Policy in Relation to Highways, K. Tyler emphasis the integral role that highways play in communities. Highways provide the main means and often the sole means of inter-connection between the various parts of the State and between the major segments of the large urban centres. Thus, their social and economic significance to the State, for the essential movement of goods and people, is immense, involving large-scale public expenditure in both construction and maintenance, fore the protection of existing highways is imperative.



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The two remaining publishers of this paper also include Town and Country Planning Association and the Conservation Council of Victoria. This highly significant, indeed ground-breaking document marked the birth of the Roadsides Conservation Committee in Victoria and in turn this was arguably the first coordinated attempt to improve roadside management in any state. A feature of the Committee was that none of the participating organisations, which included public authorities as well as NGOs, were required to surrender their independence. This feature, which enabled cautious departments to participate along with environmental activists, is reflected in the absence of any single body named as taking responsibility for the forum.
Secretaryship of the Committee rotated amongst members until funding was secured to appoint the first Executive Officer, Kerry Willis (one-time Councilor in the Shire of Sherbrooke).


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Victorian National Parks Association and Natural Resources Conservation League : 1974