Frankston City Sports Development Plan 2013-2019

The Frankston City Sports Development Plan- Volume 1 determines the capacity of our sporting infrastructure to deliver sport to the community. The Plan provides a framework for the development of organised sporting facilities within the City of Frankston over the next six years. Providing opportunities for participation in sport promotes good health and well being within the community, this Plan will encourage the development of customer standards which will in turn improve the level of structured participation. The Plan introduces Principles for the future planning, design and management of sporting facilities, in conjunction with a facilities hierarchy for the nominated sports within the plan. The principles and hierarchy in conjunction with audit results are tools that enable sport specific information to be integrated into the organisational asset management system. The development of technical service levels as an appendix to this document will enable testing and measurement of the standards set in the hierarchy. The plan recommends actions for addressing identified issues or areas of opportunity for sport within the municipality. The plan acknowledges that to evaluate the true value of sport to the community, a comprehensive best value review would need to be undertaken in conjunction with a customer service review. This body of work will form Volume 2 of the Sports Development Plan. For the purpose of the Sports Development Plan, organised sport is defined as: An activity involving physical exertion and skill that is governed by a set of rules or customs and often undertaken competitively.



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Frankston City Council: 2013