Get Active The Future Of Sport And Active Recreation

Get Active – The Future of Sport and Active Recreation study 2019 will provide a framework for the planning, management and investment of sport and active recreation facilities throughout the City of Glen Eira. The City of Glen Eira boasts a range of high quality sporting and recreation facilities throughout the municipality. Council’s active open space includes 45 sports grounds, and currently accommodates more than 230 teams (spanning across both winter and summer seasons) each year. Other sporting facilities include a regional athletics track, bowling greens, tennis courts, netball courts, indoor sports courts, aquatic and leisure facilities and a cycling velodrome. Beyond organised sporting facilities, open space accommodates a range of multi-purpose sporting opportunities, outdoor fitness equipment, golf birdie cages, climbing walls and a skate facility. These spaces provide informal play and social opportunities for a range of age groups and abilities. Providing welcoming and attractive spaces, which are conducive to a range of recreational activities, assists in promoting physical activity and other health-affirming behaviours, improving the overall health and well-being of residents. Achieving better community health outcomes has become more complex and challenging with population growth, lack of or often conflicting competition for open space, changes in social and family structures, and increasing global economic and environmental challenges which impact on housing choice and affordability. Provision of parks and leisure services is often cited as an important factor in ‘healthy placemaking’. A focus of this is shaping the built environment so that healthy activities and experiences are integral to people’s everyday lives and therefore help to tackle preventable diseases A positive environment can make a place more liveable, walkable and sustainable Research demonstrates that access to good quality green spaces (i.e. parks and public spaces) that are well-connected and attractive, have significant benefits to individuals and communities. These spaces play a vital role in the social and economic life of a city; and it is critical that people are able to be physically active, connect with nature, interact with their community and maintain physical, mental and social wellbeing. Overall the health, cultural and economic contribution sport and recreation makes to our community is significant.



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